Saturday, April 6, 2019

March/April Hauls: Cards, Crafts, and Kaine!

Another month passes and another haul post appears! (Though, decidedly less packed than the last few.) Here's what I picked up in March/yesterday!

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones (Amazon)

First off, remember those new wireless headphones I picked up in the last post that had that issue that I hoped I'd either find a solution for or learn to live with? Yeaaaaaaah, those didn't work out, so I sent 'em back to Amazon and got a new pair of the brand I'm used to. Already WAY better, with no audio stuttering whatsoever, the ability to be used via wire even if they're dead which the last ones lacked, and even a nice upgrade from my old Skullcandy pair in the form of a more easily accessed charging jack. If you're looking for wireless headphones, I honestly can't recommend these enough.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Stickers (Disney Movie Rewards)

Had a couple points left after my last DMR splurge, so decided to redeem one last Ralph item before the sequel became old news and all the rewards disappeared. I don't know where I'm gonna stick them, but if I ever feel the need to deck something out in Ralph, I'll have the means.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Various)

This was a really fun sort-of surprise! See, back in January, my brother-in-law asked if I'd be interested in some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards that HIS brother was looking to get rid of. I, of course, graciously accepted his offer and then quickly forgot about it. Cut to when I went up to visit my Sister's place in late March and he comes out holding two Legendary Collection boxes filled with cards and game boards. Needless to say, I felt like a kid in a candy store looking through the huge selection I was gifted, which included a ton of more recent stuff than I was expecting! I now own Orgoth the Relentless, a couple of Leon Von Schroeder's fairy tale Monsters, one of those Zexal manga Monsters with the silly names, my first Link Monsters, and enough Dinowrestler cards to build a deck! This also gave me that Yu-Gi-Oh! itch to pick up even MORE cards down the line, so thanks again, Jake!

Yoshi's Crafted World (Amazon)

Had this puppy pre-ordered since 2017, so very happy to have it in my Switch finally! Got the first two Dream Stones and it's very fun and charming so far. Music isn't the best (I'm probably in the minority of people who actually prefer Yoshi's New Island's main theme to this one, instrumentation aside), but just about every level introduces some inventive new gimmick to switch things up and format-wise it's the most unique Yoshi game in a while, which is pretty refreshing after the last couple have largely been following in Island's footsteps. The mini-bosses are also MUCH improved over Woolly World's reused ones and I'm very excited to see what else intends to halt my path when I get back into it.

Marvel Legends Scarlet Spider (Kaine) (Gamestop)

Finally, I ordered this guy from Gamestop a couple days back and got him in yesterday. Kaine is a lot like Doppelganger in that I randomly picked up his original Marvel Legends figure first before I even knew who he was. Unlike Doppelganger, though, he kinda stayed that way as just a random figure on my shelf until I watched Ultimate Spider-Man's final season and got really engrossed in his counterpart from that show. Since then, he's been one of my favorite alternate Spideys and I've even been reading through all of his comic appearances recently on Marvel Unlimited. (That's actually what inspired me to finally pick up this figure.) 

Needless to say, this figure's a VAST improvement on his old one, which had stuck joints, weird proportions, and no stingers. Now all he needs is a Marvel Legends Hummingbird to back him up! (Maybe whenever Aracely's whole demigod thing finally pays off.)

That's all I've got! Barring any unexpected pick-ups, my next haul post should coincide with my yearly OMGcon trip, so see ya'll in June!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Winter Hauls Wrap-Up!

It's been a little while since my last post, so it's time to wrap up some Winter hauls before Spring gets here!

Super Smash Bros. Melee Official Nintendo Player's Guide (Amazon)

Starting things off with my Christmas money pick-ups, the first item in question was pretty much an impulse buy because I was trying to think of cheap stuff to spend the last bit of my holiday cash on that wasn't already being put towards pre-orders of two other items in this post. 

Y'see, in my youth, I was HUUUUGE into the Player's Guides put out by Nintendo Power. Their presentation combined with having basically a roadmap of each game to browse at any time (this WAS before let's plays and video walkthroughs, y'know) made me pick up quite a few of them, regardless of whether or not I owned the game! (I believe it was actually the Double Dash guide that convinced me to make the game the first Mario Kart I ever owned, for example.) 

One of my all-time favorites of those Guides was the one for Super Smash Bros. Melee, as that one not only clued me into secrets that I was not in the know of at the time (like my favorite Pokemon being a secret playable character with an insane-for-a-grade-schooler unlock requirement), but it also just had some awesome little unnecessary touches. (One of the earliest pages has a list of all of Kirby's Melee copy abilities tied into a fun little game, for instance.) I loved that guide so much that I made it a semi-tradition that I'd pick up the official guide for EVERY Smash game, despite the future guides not quite stacking up to a combination of my nostalgia and the wow factor of finding out about new Smash characters before you were on the internet every day.

Anyway, I still own my original copy of that Guide, however the last few pages and the back cover were lost to the ages due to years of improper book storage. (My poor, poor weathered Nintendo Power collection.) Due to the hype of Smash Ultimate, I decided to pick up a used copy of that guide for like six bucks to replace that old damaged one on my bookshelf. It's still a bit weathered, but I can finally read the last page of the Stages section as well as that weird little page at the end for the first time in years, so I'd say it was worth the six bucks.

(Can ya tell I was originally planning to write a full post on these Nintendo Power Guides? I can't think of many other six dollar purchases that made me blab on for THIS long.)

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey (Amazon)

My second arrival from the Christmas money purchases was something I was debating on whether to pre-order or wait to get later. Mario & Luigi is one of my favorite game series in general, but the combination of my 3DS gathering dust and the fact that this particular game was a remake of one that I didn't play that long ago had it fluctuating in priority in my mind. 

However, when more stuff about the brand new Bowser Jr.'s Journey mode was revealed, I knew I HAD to experience this on release and I'm SOOOOOO glad that I did. If you're a fan of Bowser and his crew, Bowser Jr.'s Journey was MADE for you. While the gameplay is the same kinda thing as the Minion Quest mode from the last remake, the story is one of my new absolute favorites in a Mario RPG. It has the same hilarious writing you'd expect from one of these games, but with three brand new villains, a surprising number of emotional scenes, and CHARACTER GROWTH. This game somehow made me cry over Morton Koopa Jr., my least favorite Koopaling. It's that good. Don't let this one pass you by if you love this series.

Funko POP! Comics Lord Drakkon Vinyl Figure (Nerdy Collectibles)

This guy I pre-ordered last year from some online toy shop because getting merch of an exclusive character from a particular extension of a franchise always tickles me, despite the fact that the only other PR POP I own is Alpha 5.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Official Nintendo Player's Guide (Ebay)

Yep, another of these guides and MAN OH MAN, do I have a bizarre story to share with you guys!

Alright, so picking up the Melee Guide set the wheels in motion for me to think about doing that previously-alluded-to-but-aborted post all about the Nintendo Guides and Bowser Jr.'s Journey being so freaking good put me on a bit of a Mario RPG nostalgia kick. When those thoughts came together, I started thinking about another excellent Guide full of rare art that I also had back in the day, but didn't survive the trip to the present in any form unlike SSBM. That Guide was the one for Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, my favorite game of all time.

After ruminating a bit, I wondered why I never got around to picking THAT Guide back up despite loving both it and the game it was for, so I looked around a couple places for a decent price. After a few looks, I stumbled across an UNBELIEVABLE price on Amazon: like fifteen bucks IN NEW CONDITION from a third-party seller. I couldn't pass it up, but as I was awaiting it, I couldn't help but wonder if it was too good to be true.

It was.

Yep, you're reading that right. Because of THE STRANGEST listing snafu on a website I've ever seen, I was sent, not a $16 Super Mario RPG Player's Guide from '96, but THE CRAPPIEST $7 thoroughly unlicensed Celebrity Big Brother Crossword Puzzle Book, despite still paying the $16. Needless to say, I was equal parts livid and confused.

After I recovered from this oddity, I quickly sent the Crossword Puzzle Book back, got refunded in full, and bought the right Guide for like three times the price on Ebay. Let this be a lesson to ya'll: DON'T TRUST SUSPICIOUSLY CHEAP PRICES FROM AMAZON THIRD-PARTY SELLERS.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 3 (Amazon)

Moving on from bewilderment to just plain disappointment, I had about nine bucks to blow from an Amazon promo code, so I figured, hey, they recently pulled Aqua Teen Hunger Force from Hulu and I don't own any of the DVD sets despite owning all of the Space Ghost and Harvey Birdman ones, so why not start my collection with a cheap set that just so happens to contain some of my favorite ever episodes? Great idea, right? That's what it SEEMED like, as I quickly unwrapped it and started plowing through the discs, but my mood quickly took a sharp turn when I got to the last episode on the disc.

I watched a couple minutes into it, it started stuttering, it froze, and it booted me back to the main menu. It did that every time I retried it on every one of my players. I officially own about 96% of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 3 and that annoys me. However, the saddest thing about it is that this isn't even the first time this exact same crap has happened to me with an ATHF DVD: I got the movie for my Birthday a couple years back directly from Amazon and the exact same thing happens about 3/4ths of the way into the movie! Bonus disc works perfectly, but for whatever reason, the movie itself will NEVER finish playing.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, I adore your insane little show and your movie makes me howl with laughter every time, but until Warner sees fit to rerelease the entire show and movie on new DVDs or on Blu-ray or something, I am never buying another of your old releases. Either I am ridiculously unlucky with owning this show, I somehow purchased two bootlegs on two separate occasions, or these are the Adult Swim DVDs that received the least quality control of all the sets I've owned that'd have all had zero issues. Even the out-of-print Invader Zim DVDs I picked up used last year worked perfectly! I'm just so, so disappointed. Oh well. At least The Dressing works.

Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition (PS4)

Anyway, on to something that wasn't the least bit disappointing in any way (barring the lack of a Wreck-It Ralph world), it's Kingdom Hearts III! After so many years of waiting, it's FINALLY here and it's a BLAST to play. Already got the Platinum and it lit my fire to play PS4 games again after I was glued to my Switch for so long. I'm finally doing something in Batman Arkham Knight!!

Spider-Man: Maximum Carnage Minimates: Venom and Doppelganger (Luke's Toy Store)

I'm a casual Minimate collector (started a while back when I found the MvC3 set with Deadpool in it at a discount store) and I've always been an admirer of Doppelganger ever since I had his old Toybiz figure back in the day, so when I found out that he was getting the plastic treatment yet again through Minimates, I had to pick him up for my little collection. (Especially since Luke's Toy Store had him for retail!)

Hot Wheels Character Cars - Bowser (Walmart)
Funko POP! Ralph Breaks the Internet Fix-It Felix Vinyl Figure (Walmart)

Picked these up on a grocery run! I picked up the entire first run of Hot Wheels Super Mario cars at the same Walmart a while back just because of the neat box art, but this is a case where I mostly just wanted Bowz because he's mah bro and every die cast car needs a spiky shell.

Also, my first ever Fix-It Felix figure! Now Ralph has a workplace associate who isn't Eggman!

King K. Rool amiibo (Best Buy)
Ice Climbers amiibo (Best Buy)
Piranha Plant amiibo (Best Buy)

Pre-ordered these as soon as they went up, as KING K. ROOL MERCHANDISE is a phrase so beautiful that it only deserves to be rendered in all-caps.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray Combo (Amazon)

The last of my Christmas cash pre-orders, which also yielded me THESE thanks to Disney Movie Rewards:

Toy Story That Time Forgot Blu-ray (Disney Movie Rewards)
Ralph Breaks the Internet Final Theatrical Poster

I could deck my room out with another Ralph poster and finally start a Toy Story Blu-ray collection and all I had to do was buy a few movies, enter a few codes, and be the sole person in a theater watching Nutcracker last November. Worth it.

COWIN E7 Wireless Headphones (Amazon)

Finally, got a new pair of wireless headphones in yesterday. Only issue I have is audio stuttering when they're connected via Bluetooth. Hopefully I can figure it out and/or live with it.

That's everything I scored this Winter! Hope you had fun reading my semi-coherent ramblings and stay tuned to The Lazy Shell for whatever post I decide to make next!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Christmas Fallout - 2018!

Hope ya'll have had a fun and fulfilling holiday so far. I had an absolutely fantastic Christmas yesterday with the family and from the food to the games to the gifts, everything hit a homerun this year. Definitely one of my favorites in recent memory, even despite the like four hours of sleep I had gotten the night before. (Sleeping schedules, amiright?)

Anyway, on to the purpose of this post: showing off my loot! Welcome to my first Christmas Fallout, an old tradition of Matt of XE/Dino Drac that I always loved, so I couldn't pass up making it a thing on my blog as well! How it works: I share off my Christmas haul and ya'll can even join in with yours in the comments below. Let the fun begin!

$25 Amazon Gift Card

The first thing I got for Christmas I had actually gotten a week or two before thanks to some family friends who dropped by for some pre-holiday celebrations. Saving this puppy for that one movie about Zangief's specifically-shaven body and Sonic's book club.

Deadpool 2 (Blu-ray)
Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (Blu-ray Combo)
Ralph Breaks the Internet Domez Blind Bags (Got 8-Bit Ralph and Vanellope!)
Kingdom Hearts Domez Blind Bags (Got Mickey and Goofy!)
Peanut Butter M&Ms

Stocking loot usually treats me pretty well and this year was no exception. Four Domez figures based on Disney-related things I love (Even got my most wanted fig out of the Ralph bags!), Blu-rays for movies I enjoyed, and when it comes to M&Ms, few are finer (or more addictive) than Peanut Butter.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 
Pokemon Let's Go! Eevee
Super Mario Party 
Mario Tennis Aces 
Kirby Star Allies 
The World Ends With You Final Remix 
Dragon Ball FighterZ (Switch)
Gamecube Controller Smash Ultimate Edition

Christmas and Birthdays are where I play catch-up on video games, so as expected, I got a lot of them. Obviously Smash Ultimate was the first one I jumped into and I've already unlocked all of my mains through Classic Mode. Also played a little bit of FighterZ and looking forward to getting into the real meat of the original story.

Not exactly a game but related is a Smash Ultimate Gamecube Controller, because I can never resist refreshing my stock whenever they become available again.

Digimon Adventure tri. Loss (Blu-ray Combo)
Digimon Adventure tri. Coexistence (Blu-ray Combo)
Digimon Adventure tri. Future (Blu-ray Combo)
Pokemon Advanced Battle the Complete Collection 

All the Mons! The Digimon Adventure saga is at last completed on my DVD shelves (for now) and all of 4Kids' original Pokemon seasons are finally at my beck and call. (Now all we need are rereleases for Chronicles, the Winter Vacations, Mewtwo Returns, and the Pikachu shorts. HINT HINT VIZ!)

Miles Morales the Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Volume 3
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume 5
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Volume 6
Invader Zim Volume 1 Deluxe Edition 
Invader Zim Volume 2 Deluxe Edition 

Also typically add to my comic collection on such occasions. Finally completed Miles Morales' adventures in the Ultimate Universe (Minus Secret Wars, but eh), started preparations for collecting Shattered Grid this time next year, and what with me finishing off my Invader Zim house box earlier in the year, I thought these HUGE Deluxe Edition books would be a good place to start collecting the comics.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Click Start
The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet 
Ralph Breaks the Internet 2019 Calendar 

Your favorite movie ever only gets a sequel once in a blue moon (especially if it's a Disney animated movie), so had to get as much Ralph Breaks the Internet stuff as I could before the franchise went back into hibernation. 

Click Start reimagines early parts of the movie with extra bits in a fun choose-your-own adventure style comic. (Plus an extra story by Amy Mebberson of Princess Comics fame that takes place AFTER the movie.)

I already had the art book for the first movie, so of course, I had to complete the duo. Only skimmed it, but really interesting stuff so far. (It's funny how BOTH movies cut scenes where Ralph was thrown in jail.)

Always get a Calendar for Christmas, so I couldn't pass up the chance to give my walls some more Ralph love.

Tomy Metal Sonic Plush

Now THIS guy was a surprise! My Sister and parents picked him up for me at Target while Black Friday shopping. My Mom was actually leaning towards a Mario plush, but my Sis told her I'd like Metal better. Considering I didn't have a Metal plush of ANY KIND before, I'd say she was right on the money.

Funko Pop! Ralph Breaks the Internet Wreck-It Ralph Vinyl Figure
Bowser and Geno T-Shirt
Ralph and Vanellope Sticker

That wasn't the only time this year that my Sis had the right instincts in picking out Christmas gifts, as her and her husband's formal gifts to me completely delighted me. I wanted to add that updated Ralph Pop to my collection ever since it was revealed and that T-Shirt absolutely made my day. Might be my favorite gift this year, in fact. IT'S GENO AND BOWZ, GUYS! FREAKING GENO ON MY SHIRT!

$35 Nintendo eShop Card

My favorite Cousin also dropped by as she usually does around the holidays and provided me the means to pick up the Smash Ultimate Fighters Pass and both of South Park Fractured but Whole's story DLC packs. 

Not pictured, but my Grandma also gave me the usual 50 bucks she always does at her dinner which I've already used to pre-order a certain upcoming 3DS remake and also procure something that I might go into on the blog eventually...

Finally, I won Sockemer Boppers in a random gift swap game.

Told ya it was one for the books.

How were YOUR celebrations and hauls this year? Drop a comment and get in on the Christmas Fallout spirit! 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Astral's Advent Observations - FINALE!!

Welcome back to Astral's Advent Observations and IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! WE MADE IT TO THE END! LET'S FINISH OFF THIS PUPPY!

24 is our lucky number...

It ends with the most fitting of Trap Cards, Oh Tokenbaum!

General Observation:

Oh Tokenbaum! allows you to tribute at least two Tokens of the same level to special summon the same number of Monsters of that level from your Graveyard. (Their effects are negated and they're destroyed at the End Phase.) A very interesting effect, as you could in theory gain from it in a variety of ways depending on what level Tokens you tribute. For example, if you go for lower-level Tokens, you could mainly use the newly-summoned Monsters as material for an XYZ or Synchro Summon or even disposable offerings for a tribute summon. (If your Tokens couldn't already be used as them.) If you go for, say, Emmisary of Darkness Tokens, though, you could bring back powerful Monsters briefly and use them to either clear out a problem Monster on your opponent's field followed by a direct attack for good measure, use the previously-mentioned different summoning methods, or even try a Fusion Summon. Despite seeming like a strange effect, it's a surprisingly versatile card and a good end to the Calendar!

Trivia Observation:

Oh Tokenbaum! was originally printed in the TCG set, Shadow Specters. Like Gift Exchange previously, this card was released in Japan close to the holidays. (Only it was December 23rd, 2012 instead of 2014, so you could sorta consider this a prequel card to Gift Exchange what with the release similarities and both cards featuring Goblins.) This card also features slightly censored artwork, as the original featured more obvious Sheep Token consumption by the Goblins. (Which are replaced by weird egg things in the international version.) Last but most obviously, this card's name is a Token-based pun on the classic holiday song, Oh Tannenbaum. (The German equivalent to Oh Christmas Tree.)

Personal Observation:

Yep. Learned of this card's existence while researching Gift Exchange and had a feeling it'd be our final card. Couldn't think of a better one to pick for the Eve.

Well, we did it! 24 days with 24 different cards complete with trivia and the best strategies I could dig out of my pea brain. Gotta say, it was a fun challenge. It really put my inherent laziness to the test and it felt great to knock out a post each and every day. I don't know if Konami's gonna come out with a new Calendar next year, but rest assured, you have not seen the last of Advent Calendars on this blog. As long as I find one that interests me, chances are I'll make another special Christmas thing out of it for The Lazy Shell.

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me this whole month! It's easily been the most ambitious thing I've attempted with The Lazy Shell so far and to see at least a couple views on each and every post made me pretty happy. I'll see you back here later in the month for my first official Christmas Fallout post (stay tuned), but in the meantime, hope you all have yourself an amazing holiday season with laughs, loved ones, delicious food, and plenty of neat gifts. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, guys. 😊

Astral's Advent Observations - DAY 23!

Welcome back to Astral's Advent Observations! Let's crack this box open...

*Xander Mobus voice* 1!!! *Xander Mobus voice*

Our semifinal box yields harsh weather! It's Hey, Trunade!

General Observation:

This card has the ability to return all set Spells and Traps to their owners' hands, thus it's VERY useful for temporarily disarming a minefield of potential Trap Cards. You could also use it to rearrange your own set Traps if you've drawn a better one since or one just doesn't seem like as great of an idea to use anymore.

Trivia Observation:

Hey, Trunade! was originally printed in the TCG set, Extreme Force. Despite not making any canon appearances yet, this card's art and name actually references two separate past cards: the Trap Card, Localized Tornado and the Spell Card favorite of Joey Wheeler's, Giant Trunade. (The latter of which is currently Forbidden in most tournament play, so consider today's card kind of a reworking of it to work in tourneys.) Beyond that, this card also features a much goofier reference in the source of its name...the commercial line for the popular Kool-Aid juice brand, "Hey, Kool-Aid!"

Personal Observation:

Huh. Didn't expect this one to show up. Biiiiiiit of a stretch with the Christmas connection since it's more of a Tornado than a Snowstorm and there were easily more fitting wintery cards they could've included instead, but whatevs. I'm all about that ridiculous Kool-Aid reference name.

That's all I've got for today, but don't miss tomorrow's Astral's Advent Observations FINALE!!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Astral's Advent Observations - DAY 22!

Welcome back to Astral's Advent Observations! Let's see what we've got in store for today...

*Xander Mobus voice* 2!! *Xander Mobus voice*

We got another Tuner, and a chilly one at that! It's Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries!

General Observation:

Ghost Reaper is yet another Monster with a very odd effect: you can discard it to banish Monsters that you and your opponent share in your Extra Decks. Doesn't hold much strategic value if you don't know your opponent's cards or strategies well enough, so it's mostly useful for Synchro Summoning and its above-average defense for a 3-star Monster.

Trivia Observation:

Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries was originally printed in the TCG set, Shining Victories. It has not made any appearances in Yu-Gi-Oh! media.

Personal Observation:

Huh. Guess I was lying about Toy Magician being the last card that I knew. Think I caught wind of this card being included in a Google search. Anyway, another interesting one.

That's all she wrote for today, but come back tomorrow for the LAST TWO DAYS of Astral's Advent Observations!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Astral's Advent Observations - DAY 21!

Welcome back to Astral's Advent Observations, where--oh, the heck with it! You already know what this is if you've been reading every previous day and if you REALLY started with 21...well, that's just odd.

*Xander Mobus voice* 3! *Xander Mobus voice*

Another Number! (...and an odd one at that.) It's Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir!

General Observation:

Very interesting effect on this one: If you keep it in attack mode, it can't be destroyed or targeted by your opponent's card effects. However, if it's on the defense, all Monsters on the field must remain in defense position and Monsters already on the field in defense get their effects negated. This could either be a good attacking force if you suspect your opponent has a Trap up their sleeve or a way to lock them down so you can either inflict effect damage or deck them out. However, you have to detach one XYZ material from this card per turn if you want to keep it on the field, so cards that replenish your material are a must if you plan on using it in any large combo.

Trivia Observation:

Bagooska was originally printed in the fairly recent TCG set, Circuit Break. Despite being a Number, it was never featured in any version of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal. This card is also an esteemed member of the censored artwork club, as the original Japanese card (Seen above) featured giant bottles and flasks of Beer rather than pillows. (In fact, this card's Japanese name refers to it as a "Mud-Sleeping Demon Beast," to which "Mud-Sleeping" is a jape on being passed out from drinking too much!) Nice to see he sobered up for the West.

Personal Observation:

Another card I've never heard of and another weird one, too. Is the holiday connection supposed to be that Christmas Eve sleep before you open your loot or am I missing something? Whatever the case, it's cool adding yet another Number to my collection.

That's all there is today, but keep your feet planted at the Lazy Shell for the LAST THREE DAYS of Astral's Advent Observations!